Are you tired of posting and not getting the engagement you deserve?

Wondering how to use Tiktok to takeoff your social media career & business?

Or are you just overall confused AF on how to use Tiktok?

People are thriving on Tiktok and using the app to get famous, make money, and build a strong brand. Do they have two heads?
Are they better than you? NOPE! If they did it, you can too!
This course will help you LEVEL UP!

At the end of this detailed course you will walk away
knowing how to :

- Create Videos That Drive Massive Impact On Tiktok

- Utilize Trends, Hashtags and Sounds to go viral

- Use In-App Features To Spark Creativity

- Discover Your Niche

- Monetize On Tiktok

Hi, I’m Drea!

I'm a Nigerian-American creator with a passion for making people laugh, educating and making a positive difference. In 2014 while pursuing my engineering degree from Penn State, I started posting comedic videos impersonating my African mother on an app called Vine. I built a pretty big audience on it, but we all know what happened to Vine, it died RIP lol.  

Having a passion for entertaining I didn't let that setback stop me, instead I got hooked on TikTok, mastering the art of short-form content creation. Since then, I've made millions laugh, collaborated with A-list stars like Mariah Carey, Tracee Ellis Ross, spoken at Cannes Lions Conference in France, and worked with brands like McDonalds, HBO, L'oreal etc.

Everything I've manifested up to this point is simply a result of God, hard work, staying apologetically authentic to myself, and speaking positive words into the universe.

If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO! Honestly, I just want to see others win. I've put my all into this course, spilling all the tips and tricks to success I've learned from years of experience. I can't wait to help you use Tiktok to LEVEL UP your social media career!

Your Guide to Tiktok Success is Finally Here!


Level Up Now!

Take your Tiktok to the next level

A special deal for anyone who is serious to level up! This course is the ONE STOP SHOP of all the questions you've asked about TikTok. In this course super detailed course you will be learning from my experience of building a strong brand with an audience of over 5 million followers on Tiktok .

In this course you will learn:

  • best practices for creating videos online to drive you massive impact on tiktok

  • use inapp features to spark creativity in your content

  • how to understand your analytics and use them to help you grow while posting

  • how to Utilize trends, hashtags, and sounds to go viral

  • how to navigate the ForYou Page and Discover Page to find trends and viral creative content ideas for your page

  • how to make monetize on tiktok